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charlie: every number in these notes corresponds
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to the ntsb report on the derailment. the length of the train, speed, number of cars... it's all in the messages. don: any connection between h-bob and the cajon pass accident, terry? i'll check. anything from sacramento? they have agents all over that switchyard. l. there are still a few digits unaccounted for. amita: these seven numbers, the letter "b" and 36. what caused the cajon pass accident? i think the ntsb report said that the engineer forgot to check the end-of-train brake system. i'm sorry, i've just been over the report-- a lot. i'm glad someone reads our work. well, 37 people died-- that's close to the 36 in the notes. no? seven numbers and a letter. i don't see anything linking h-bob to the cajon pass. david: maybe the link is indirect. wait a minute. california driver's license-- a letter and seven numbers. see if you can generate a list of licenses using all seven numbers and then check it against the ntsb files. right? right.
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the license belongs to frank milton, the cajon train engineer. he died in the crash. milton was deemed responsible for the accident. why would the saboteur leave a copy of frank milton's driver's license in his note? why bring attention to milton? well, look, he's the engineer during the cajon pass accident. the railroad blames him. if he thinks they're trying to cover up their mistakes... he thinks frank milton's a martyr. well, let's see what the widow says. my husband did not forget to turn on his end-of-train brake. the railroad lied to the ntsb. how can you be sure? he was the most meticulous engineer on the line. his crews used to call him "four-check frank," 'cause of the way he'd go over the equipment. well, so what do you think happened to the brake? damn thing was always breaking down. the railroad covered up the service records. oh, yeah? yes. let me ask you something. you ever seen this man? goes by the name horizontal bob.
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never seen him in my life. worst thing is, those corporate bastards keep trying to buy me off. every few months, i get cash in the mail. guilt money. don. yeah, can you excuse us, please? frank milton was meticulous and detail-oriented and wrongly accused of causing a terrible tragedy. he's supposed to be dead. someone's sending the widow money. it's not the railroad. hmm-mm. is this your husband? yes. that's from my wedding. don: so, frank milton didn't die in the cajon pass accident. he is alive. he didn't want to be blamed. instead of facing accusations, he drops out, right? he goes underground with the ftra. so what about horizontal bob? well, he fingers him to throw us off, right? mm-hmm. what he's doing, he's trying to wreck public confidence in the rail system. ( phone ringing ) hey. eppes. the clock is ticking, agent eppes.
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you're nowhere near catching me. 90 seconds to trace the call. i need a trace. well, i'd say i'm pretty darn close, frank. i know h-bob didn't throw you off that train, i know you jumped just before the cajon pass. that's how you hurt your arm. you're smarter than the ntsb. yeah, i also know you're not responsible for that first accident, frank. well, the railroad said i was. the brake lines failed-- i told them the maintenance was shoddy. they didn't care. and 36 people died. look, let me ask you this. do you know how much your wife misses you? you talked to my wife? yup, and believes in you. you want to see her again, frank? the only way that's going to happen is if you turn yourself in. no, people need to know the rails aren't safe. we can do that. look, we can set the record straight, you and me, okay? the railroad buries its mistakes! everyone knows it'll cost billions to make the rails safe. they won't spend the money. it's going to take something big to force a change. well, this is what i know. tomorrow is the anniversary of the cajon pass accident
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and i think you're going to try and re-create it, frank. and i'm here to tell you it's not going to happen. there is no way you'll pull that off. agent eppes, there are a lot of trains out there. you can't protect all of them. but even if it doesn't happen tomorrow, it will another day. i have all the time in the world. but when i'm done, the railroad companies will be in ruins. all right, frank? frank? ( call disconnects ) the call originated from inside the control room of the san bernardino switchyard. what? yeah. i got them. i want to know how he got in here? people saw a man in a janitor's uniform, no one thought twice. but from in here, he can tamper with any number of switches and controls, cause hundreds of accidents. and did he? as far as we can tell, he didn't touch a thing, except for this. he's showing us what he's capable of. all right, well, now it's our turn. why don't you guys look around here. show me how this thing works.
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this is frank milton. we believe tomorrow he will attempt to attack one of 100 trains traveling over the cajon pass. david: we can't get the pass closed because we don't have a specific threat. all we have are our conclusions about milton's plans. yeah, it's the major freight rail line into l.a.. closing it would shut down 60% of the region's commerce. don: the kicker is, the guy's off the grid. hunting him down could take months or years. our best shot is at that pass. charlie: terry believes milton will select a train most like the one he drove. i'll rank tomorrow's trains according to similarities to the original; that way we can focus the searches. right, and i'll be in the yard, coordinating the searches. terry: crews will check their end-of-train equipment and the entire brake system before heading down the pass. don: local cops will be walking the tracks, checking for any tampering. i want cops posted anywhere that train slows down in case he tries to jump on one after the yard. what about rail cops? david: they've posted the photos around the yard and tightened the perimeter. don: there'll be an armed agent or cop on every train just in case he happens to get on one. you think milton will try to sabotage a train with all this security? yeah, i do, i think he's gonna attempt it, but we're gonna be ready for him.
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hey, ready to go? not quite. mrs. milton is here. oh. all right. mrs. milton. agent eppes. yes, ma'am. frank called me. i couldn't believe it. to hear his voice after four years. what did he say? he begged me to forgive him, and then he told me... please, mrs. milton, this is very important. time is of the essence now. he told me good-bye. on the cajon pass that day, apparently he... jumped before the wreck. engineers aren't supposed to do that. as much as he hates the railroad, he hates himself worse. he's going to kill himself. is that what you think? is that what he was saying? he's going to kill himself?
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( whistle blowing ) don: all right, so we all set? i've compiled data on every train car leaving the switchyard today. all that's left is to compare those elements to the original train
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in order to find the closest match. did you use a computer program for the comparison? you know what, there wasn't time to write one, but i can handle that. you'll have to review over 100,000 data points. well, we're going to concentrate on the trains that charlie flagged. see you later. sutter: the yard supervisor says that a train leaves every six minutes. a lot carry munitions or hazardous chemicals. all right, let's get the database up. i've got to find the trains most like the one that derailed four years ago. so how does this work? these specs are from the original el cajon locomotive and container cars. this database shows today's trains, sorted by departure time and their relevant specs-- number of cars, gear ratio, engine model, hp traction... ( clang ) ( train chugging ) man: all right. all right, give me the first group. train hb-17 and pl-02.
1:52 am
track 32 and 2 respectively. right, 32. track 2 train contains some cars of naval munitions. well, that sounds like an ideal target-- why don't you take that. okay, let's go. all right, ride-along assignments-- ortiz, you're on cc-3. varitek, is-22. mulligan, hm-04. and hustle! it leaves on track 20 in eight minutes. all right, give me the next train, charlie. ( train chugging ) charlie: that one. psp-31, track 24. hey, actually, don, you know, wait, go, um... go to hm-04. it's nearly identical to the original. it's got several cars of nuclear waste. track 20. train number hm-04.
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he shoved me off a flatcar, wrecked my arm. frank, it's over! don't move! don't do it, frank! frank! frank! easy, easy! don't shoot! you'll blow up the whole yard. shoot me, and there'll be a radioactive cloud hanging over the l.a. basin for a week. just put that down and go down to the ground. put your knees on the ground, frank.
1:54 am
don, are you at track 20? don? frank, hold it. listen to me. just listen to me. i know you want to settle your score with the railroad. the best way to do that is to stay alive, frank... i'll tell my story when i hop on that train, ride it down the pass and blow it up. then everyone will wonder why, and you're going to tell them why. because you have the responsibility... charlie, tell the supervisor to move that hm-04 now. we've got an explosive device on track 20. i sent don to track 20. ( train whistle blowing ) frank if you set that off, you're the bad guy in this scenario-- is that what you want? you want to die for no reason? is that what you want, frank? i should've died years ago, with everybody else. frank: ow! terry: don, you okay? no, bomb! there's a timer running! it's over, agent eppes. get train hm-04 out of the yard. terry, get out of here. they'll never get the train out of here in time. i said fall back! you can't hold him and work the bomb. i stay! don't move! ( grunting ) all right, all right.
1:55 am
let's get it off him. all right. let's get it off him. david: don, don't! don't touch that. david, get out of here. there might be a trip wire. there might be a trip wire! terry: don't move! ow! ah! hold him! there might be a trip wire between him and the device. what are you gonna do? i got it. are you sure you know what you're doing? i know what i'm doing. i got it. you just hold him. i got him. ( high-pitched tone ) just hold him still. don't let him move. ( tone stops ) ( grunts ) ( gasps ) all right, get him up. how'd you learn how to do that? don't tell me, you took a class at the academy, right? first posting was in tel aviv. got my bomb training. guys, for following orders, not your best moment, but thank you. it's all right, we got him. it's okay, we got him, we got him. we got him. i'll stand down. ( sighs and laughs )
1:56 am
well, this has turned out to be a really good day. you called the fbi, and i managed to convince larry to ask out professor wilson. really? how'd you change his mind? i used game theory, which says people will take bigger risks for bigger gain. i pointed out that he has the opportunity to turn a good friendship into a great romance. and he actually bought that from you? he wants to do it; he just needed a good reason. i know. amita, you know, you and i have been working really closely together these last couple weeks. i've had a great time. actually, um, i was, uh, just wondering if... hey, charlie? excuse me, i'm sorry amita, can you give us one second? yeah, sure, i'll wait for you downstairs. thanks. i'm sorry, am i interrupting? yes, you did. well, look... what is it? i just want to tell you that you're doing great work here and... oh. well... well, thanks, thank you. you know, i don't know anyone who could've done what you did with those notes, and i want you to know, i don't take for granted what you do. i never thought you did. good. so, what's the deal, you gonna ask her out already?
1:57 am
well... don't wait too long, man, or someone's gonna snatch her up. i know my due date, i'm sorry. you're trying to show me up, man. no, man. i apologize. okay, all right. okay, okay. ( laughter ) there you go. ah, excellent, dad. thank you. okay. thank you so much. no, no, no, i was a good student. no, i just couldn't get into math. couldn't see how it could relate to the real world. what? what did i say? don: i think you're about to find out. oh, you guys are on your own. good luck. charlie: math is the real world, okay? it's everywhere, okay? hey, can i show you? please. ( chuckling ) um, you see how the... the petals spiral? the number of petals in each row is the sum of the preceding two rows. the fibonacci sequence. it's found in... the structure of crystals and the spiral of galaxies.
1:58 am
in a nautilus shell. that's amazing. what's more, the ratio between each number in the sequence to the one before it is approximately 1.61803. wha-what the greeks called the golden ratio. it shows up. the pyramids at giza and in the parthenon at athens and... and the dimensions of this card. and it's based on a number you can find in a flower? ( chuckles ) math is nature's language, its method of communicating directly with us. so... everything is numbers. okay, well, when you explain it like that, it's a lot more interesting. alan: well, it seems like your new math consultant's working out nicely. i got to tell you, dad, i can't think of anyone who could've helped us the way charlie did in the investigation. just remember how charlie is. can't seem to quit a problem. he's still working on the same one
1:59 am
he's had since grade school. and what's that? trying to impress his big brother. come on. ( chuckling ) yeah, i've given that exact speech to, uh, my-my junior class... he is going to test the recurrence of the untwinnable moment. you think, maybe? ( chattering indistinctly ) well, it's always a pleasure to help with that. captioning sponsored by cbs and paramount network television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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what do you got, ray? we're looking for two perps with machine guns for a triple homicide. they went on a cash-grabbing spree, six stores in less than a half-hour. so they knew what were they after. well, you'd think, but take a look at the targets: got a shoe store, a cd store, jewelry store, an electronics store, coffee shop. i mean, they blew right past the bank and a check-cashing place. that's unusual. ray: this jewelry store was the last stop.
2:01 am
opened fire as they fled the scene. don: we'd love to help you, ray. i mean, it's not exactly a federal case. actually, we got a video from four of the stores. picture's pretty much useless. we need it bumped up. what are you talking about? lapd's got a great crime lab. yeah, but the fbi's got your brother the math professor. my brother? one of our techs read about some video enhancement program he's involved with at the university. we were kind of hoping we could reach out. charlie: we all use math every day... every day... to forecast weather... to tell time... to handle money... to handle money... we also use math to analyze crime... analyze crime... reveal patterns... reveal patterns... predict behavior... behavior. using numbers, we can solve the biggest mysteries we know.
2:02 am
captioning sponsored by cbs and paramount network television
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here's a still from the camera in the jewelry store; low-res digital. most surveillance cameras don't retain enough information to blow up clearly. when we zoom in-- we can't. the information's just not there. but charlie provided me with a predictive algorithm. a mathematical equation to help the computer guess at what's between the dots. extrapolations of information based on the surrounding pixels. in fact, the equation looks a little something like this. wow. you don't really care about the equation. let's just say we can't fully appreciate it. how long to enhance all the footage? we're halfway done, so we'll have a full-play version in an hour or two. okay. that's a steyr tmp automatic. that's an expensive weapon. mm-mm. and look at the watch-- bell & ross. there's got to be, what, at least a half a million dollars in jewels in those cases and they pass it up to grab $1,100 in cash out of the till? it helps out my thrill-kill theory. ( phone rings ) excuse me. thrill killers get a rush off of fear and chaos. these two appear deliberate and organized.
2:07 am
they've have a plan. they're after something. yeah, but if it's not for money and it's not for kicks... right, we'll be right there. we've got another crime scene. shell casings match a steyr tmp automatic. ( garbled radio transmission ) officer: crime scene's over there. wait. hold on a sec. looks like someone went on a shopping spree: ipods, tennis shoes, a watch... this is one of the stores that was hit. wait a minute. these, too. all cash transactions? yeah, it's cash. yeah. same here. ( phone rings ) eppes. hey. i found something interesting on the video. several hours before the crimes at every single store that's robbed,
2:08 am
two teenage boys appear. what were they doing? shopping. shopping? wait a minute. hold on a second. two teenagers... they're male, white, got one with spiky blonde hair, the other with a goatee? tell me you already have them. you could say that. the two dead boys are chris and jason miller. they're brothers, 19 and 16. m.e. puts their death at about 2:00 p.m. so that's what, like... a half an hour before the robberies took place. we'll have to wait for forensics to confirm it, but it seems like the shell casings from the robberies match the shooting. we got two kids shopping the same stores that were robbed, between 10:00 and noon. and they're both dead by 2:00. chris borrowed $300 last month for his car. he paid me back last night. in cash? mm-hmm. do you mind?
2:09 am
thank you. all ten dollar bills? where'd he get it? they're teenagers. they don't tell me anything. poker? poker, maybe? it'll be returned, as soon as we're sure it's not connected in any way. did either of them have jobs? chris, my oldest, he's been working at a movie studio in north hollywood. where'd you hear that? i don't know if i'd call us a movie studio. couple of low-budget productions rented space here. mainly we got manufacturing; we got wrought iron, got a box company. chris' mother said he worked here for four months. yeah, pretty good worker, too. but now i gotta drive all the way in from duarte. oh, yeah, must be tough on you, huh? hey, hey, i am sorry

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